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Chicken Wings - The First Book

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The Classic!

“Chicken Wings” is the first of its kind aviation humor book designed to entertain the airplane enthusiast, air show visitor, cartoon lover, flight student, and pilot alike. In the style of aviators everywhere (chickens are aviators of a sort, aren’t they?) the dedicated employees of Roost Air “commit” their special aviation moments in a way that is all too true to life and down right hilarious.

Professional pilots in particular may even find themselves, after recovering from sidesplitting laughter, reflecting on the fact that there are lessons to be learned from the antics of the gang at Roost Air.

This book includes all of our original black & white strips who were initially only passed around Mike's office and airport and once made it into a 5 page booklet many many moons ago. It's our only black and white book and you can really see the characters evolving from their early stages.

Edited, printed and produced in the United States of America!

87 pages, black and white.