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We are firm believers that you don’t need to make all mistakes yourself to become a better pilot. And it’s always a very good idea to learn from other pilots experiences. In my aviation career I have learned as much from books and stories about flying as I did during my commercial training if not more. On several occasions, a story I remembered reading or some one telling has gotten me out of a sticky situation. This DVD is a perfect example for: Learning from the Masters.

Aviation masters, Bob Hoover and Wayne Handley, share the wisdom gained from more than 50,000 (!) hours of combined flying experience, often in extreme conditions. Each of them share how they survived near-impossible-to-escape inflight emergencies by applying simple safety principles.
Total Run time: 92 minutes.

“Needless to say, it’s thoroughly enjoyable. More importantly, it serves a great purpose. There are some valuable lessons to be learned from Hoover and Handley. They’re been there; they are masters, so they know of what they speak. Everyone who flies an airplane can benefit from this DVD, although I fervently hope that no one has need to apply the lessons learned.”
Capt. Barry Schiff (who has logged 27,000 hrs himself)

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