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Please Wait, to be seated!


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“Please Wait, to be seated” is the third book of the very successful aviation cartoon collection put together by Martin Leeuwis. This time he found 30 artists from around the globe to contribute and it includes 9 pages of “Chicken Wings” as well. This will hopefully hold you guys over until our 4th book comes out!

English, 160 pages, 350 cartoons, almost 50% color, A5 size softcover.

Contributing Artists:
Ton van Andel, Philippe Abbet, Jan van Alphen, Johan Baas, Jean-Luc Beghin, Nicola Bolton, Roger Bowles, Roger Brunel, Gary Clark, Nina Dietrich, Andrew Dodd, Martin Germans, Jason Hall, Patrick Harrington, Rob Knotts, Bob Lang, Bob Leenders, Annebet Leeuwis, Helmut Mauch, Theresa McCracken, Barry Munden, Willy Peeters, Tom Phelps, Nicolas Pug, Rabhea Roth, Chris Signore, Bob Stevens, Stefan and Mike Strasser, Dimitri Verdoodt, Clifford Witkowski