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T-shirt "ATC" - soft

$4.95 - On Sale

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Ok, so we realized some of you might not be able to wear our more hardcore shirt in certain facilities, so we cam up with a cleaner, "softer" version of this shirt.

Backside reads "ATC -Do as I say or get out of my airspace!"

Front reads "ATC".

So you're an Air Traffic Controller and want to extend your authority you have over pilots to other parts of your life? This t-shirt might be the first step towards achieving that goal! (Caution: Might create conflict or confusion with more than one person in a room wearing this shirt).

And of course this shirt also works for everybody else who just wants to look "official" at a first glance and then make people laugh. But be warned! It might not help trying to get you into a club or through the yellow tape at a crime scene investigation!

(if it does, then please write us so we can change our product description!)

Sold Out